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Next Generation Pool Gate Alarm

Posted On 1 March 2013

Security technology company DFM announces “next generation” in swimming pool gate alarm

The Royal Life Saving Association of Australia (RLS) recently posted on its website home page that “Over the last ten years, over 330 Australian children under the age of five drowned... it is the 50% that occur in home swimming pools where your immediate action can make a difference.” The most promising RLS statement may also be regarded as the most confronting, when we hear that “Home pool fencing and effective supervision can reduce these tragic drowning deaths to zero.”

Sydney-based security company DFM has risen to the challenge of helping to achieve zero child deaths by the home pool with the release of a gate alarm which is described as the “next generation” in the effective supervision of swimming pools. Thanks to a number of innovations and technological advances, the Gateminder® device plugs many holes in the standard of safety that the current market offers.    

Yes, it’s more advanced technology, but it’s also “…some things no-one’s thought of before…”.

The pool gate remains the weakest link in swimming pool safety and is the most common entry point for children to get in.  As a pool fence and gate are only as good as the integrity of the lock, and the memory of others to make sure it’s shut, this innovative device from DFM eliminates such variables, making sure anyone anywhere in the house knows the moment something’s not right. As DFM director Jim Qiu enthusiastically explains, Gateminder® really does close many loop holes in swimming pool safety.

“When we turned our minds to this, it quickly became clear that, yes, there were things we could improve with our new technology… but there were also simply some things no one’s thought of before, which we regarded as quite obvious and, more importantly, perfectly achievable with existing technology. From that point on we saw it as our mission to get Gateminder® developed and on the market, quickly!”.

Mr Qiu went on to talk through what gives Gateminder® such a great advantage over current swimming pool safety devices, when it comes to taking better care of his customers with enhanced safety integrity:

Completely wireless… there is no cabling at all, so easy to install and maintain.

Really loud [up to 100dB]… you won’t miss it, even with a loud lawn mower or washing     machine in the background.

Adjustable volume to suit different sized homes… for ultimate comfort, it can be exactly as loud as you need it.

Voice warning and status announcement… announcing whether the gate’s open or closed, with warnings about low battery and wireless connectivity status.

The transmitter is fully water proof and designed to survive the Australian summer… and if something can survive the Australian summer, it can survive anywhere.

Fully remote controlled… so you can turn on and off by an optional remote, from anywhere in the home.

Can be installed on wood, steel or glass gates… so whatever gate design you’ve chosen, Gateminder® will work for you.

Wide wireless range of 150m in the open air… more than enough to comfortably cover the vast majority of homes.

An Adult Pass button… which allows adults convenient access without initiating the alarm.

Four relay outputs… giving great flexibility to connect other control devices, like alarm panels.

With such a strong step forward in swimming pool safety, not to mention its other applications like Child Care Centre gates and intruder alarms, Gateminder® is the talk of the town on safety-conscious grapevines. [ENDS]